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Wakeman Club App Guide

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Licenced until 31st December 2021     
Latest Release of the "TrialsAppLive" App is 1.04
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This solution is currently Donationware. Details Here.

Sign up a new account Click Here. Support provided by email to my claveyj at gmail account.

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App Screens for Trials Live Leaderboards and Hill Attempt Scorings.

Marshals and Competitors can both use the App to view "Live" Leaderboards.

Select your event to view the first Leaderboard.

Tap the name to view other leaderboards from the dropdown list.

App Screen
Start-Up Screen

App Screen
Event Selection

App Screen
Live Leaderboards

Marshals can login to record hill scores by first entering their club's code.

Selecting the Event and Hill they will be scoring.

App Screen
Club Login

App Screen
Event Selection

App Screen
Hill Selection

App Screens for Trials with Marshals scoring each attempt.

Marshals simply select a Driver from the list.

Then they enter a penalty or cleared for each attempt.

App Screen
Driver Selection

App Screen
Enter Penalty

App Screen
Review Penalties

Marshals can also remove a penalty added in error.

They simply tap on the driver to select and tap "Remove Last". Then confirm to remove the last penalty.

App Screen
Remove a Penalty