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Licenced until 31st December 2029     

Release 1.25

Changed text in Timed Sections and added current time to the screen.
Marshal Registration now has an extra column to flag attendance
Number of Marshals registered now shown on the Event Registration screen. Number of marshals required is added in for each Event
Class now has a short and long name, short name is shown on the App, Admin and Results, Long name on Event Registration.


Release 1.24

Added extra confirms to penalty selection (now in green), extra penalties in purple with warnings
Number of Tries left confirmed on closing a hill
New hill number/name import screen added.

Release 1.23

Removed automatic section start times from driver list as it was causing issues with the searching
Section start times now can be shown by a long press. Search now functioning correctly

Release 1.22

Refined data connection handling further and added the last section time to the driver list in timed sections

Release 1.21

When using the App without a data connection the "SAVE" button sometime did not appear once back on a data connection, now fixed.
When double tapping a penalty (like using a mouse on a PC) the App would sometimes record a second run, this is now fixed.

Release 1.20

Added some code to detect internet connection before trying to send.
Search now defaults to numeric keypad.

Release 1.10

Added Timed Tests (App timing or Manual Timing) and Timed Sections
You can now add penalties per each class

Release 1.08

Fix for Event list issue

Release 1.07

Added competitor search function

Release 1.06

Added extra check that data is sent before exiting

Release 1.05

Changed Penalty System